How To Share My Listing

To increase your chances of selling your vehicle, you should get as many eyes on your listing as possible. Below you'll find how to share your listing.

From The PrivateAuto App

  1. Click on your active listing found on the left-hand side of the screen or click on "Your Listings" if you have multiple listings. 
  2. Press on "More" then select "Share."

  3. From here, you can copy the link to your listing that you can share with friends, interested parties, potential buyers, and social media accounts. Copy the link by pressing "Copy Link to Clipboard."

*Keep in mind some listing sites don't allow you to include a URL, so in those cases, you can download the QR code window brochure we provide and upload that as a picture on the other listing sites for buyers to scan and see your listing on PrivateAuto that way.

Using Your PrivateAuto Window Brochure With QR Code

  1. From your listing, press "Window Brochure."

  1. Four window brochures have been created for your listed vehicle. You can view each window brochure by pressing the eye icon. Once you have picked which window brochure(s) you like most, press the download button to download the document to your phone or desktop. You can print the window brochure and then add it to your vehicle!

You can put the window brochure in the vehicle you're selling. When interested buyers see your ad and scan the QR code, it will take them directly to your listing! You can download the window brochure and add it to the images on your listing on other sites (Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, eBay Motors, etc.) for interested buyers to scan. The interested party will be able to message you via PrivateAuto's secure messaging system, make an offer on the vehicle, and even schedule a test drive. No need to list your personal phone number or email on window ads anymore!

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